The three new Beerlao crafty line variants - Beerlao White, Beerlao Amber and Beerlao Hoppy - made their debut with a big splash – and in great style - to our customers and consumers in Vientiane, Laos on July 11th, 2018.

The new line has also been introduced to our Lao Brewery colleagues leveraging Beerlao’s 45th anniversary occasion.    

Commenting on the launch, Henrik Juel Andersen, MD, Lao Brewery Company, said: “We say ‘Proud to Be Lao’ in our Beerlao campaign, and are now prouder than ever as we add new variants to our Beerlao line! As part of the trade up category job for Beerlao, we have innovated with the Beerlao crafty line extension, leveraging the strong equity of the brand. It’s a bold effort for us to solidify Beerlao’s reputation as a vibrant, innovative brand, and allow Beerlao to appeal to and stay relevant with the younger generation. Seeking this opportunity, I would like to thank all our colleagues at Group Development and Group Commercial, as well as our team in Asia and Laos for making this happen!


The crafty line extension of Beerlao is in response to the changing consumer and market landscape, and in an effort to give our loyal consumers more exciting choices, as well as offer a compelling reason to attract new consumers. The crafty beer positioning was chosen for the line extension because craft beer has been growing healthily in many markets.

To highlight the unique selling proposition of these new brews, our local marketing team have created, for the launch event, an inviting ‘craft house’ vibe to make the most ‘crafty’ senses come alive in a cool and vibrant atmosphere. 


Beerlao is a beer ‘of the people and for the people’, and this time around it’s also a beer ‘by the people’ – our team is conducting a three-month ‘Beer Election’ consumer campaign: consumers are invited to vote for their favorite beer among the three new variants; the winning ‘Beer of the Match’ will emerge as the ‘one and only’ permanent addition to the Beerlao portfolio.


The launch has already taken the Internet by storm, with many consumers taking to social media to express their excitement towards the new Beerlao variants – they can’t wait to try them out and share photos of the new brews!


These distinctive Beerlao variants have been tested with 450 consumers across major cities in Laos, and the results are very positive.

Beerlao White is well balanced, uniquely bold and refreshing with hints of citrus and notes of banana and exotic fruits, delivering a perfectly smooth lager.

Beerlao Amber is full bodied and balances caramel and macerated fruit scents with delicate banana notes.

Beerlao Hoppy is gently bitter blonde lager that features combination of malts and hops, with fruity citrus notes, delivering a refreshing, smooth yet intense flavour.

The new Beerlao variants, in 330ml bottles and priced at 120 index points versus regular Beerlao, are now starting to hit our outlets in Laos.