Lao Brewery Company follows the original standard brewing process to produce one of the best beers in Asia. First, malt and polished rice are cleaned and milled to obtain the fine grist that can be easily dissolved during mashing with brewing water. The aim of mashing is to transform starch from malt and rice into fermentable sugars by enzymes. Through the mash filter spent grains are then removed from the clear wort (extract solution) leaving only the liquid, which is boiled.

Wort boiling serves many purposes and all the actions occur simultaneously in the wort kettle. After cooling in a heat exchanger the wort is oxygenated, yeast is added to start fermentation. During this stage, the fermentation temperature is carefully controlled; meanwhile the yeast converts sugar into alcohol and CO2. At the end of fermentation, many undesirable flavours and aromas of a green or immature beer are presented.

The liquid is called 'young beer' which is kept to mature in the cool pressurised tanks. The process of maturation reduces the levels of these undesirable compounds. After reaching maturity, yeast and colloidal particles are removed by a filtration process to ensure the best quality. The quality of the filtered product is optimal with regard to flavours, foam and brightness. 'Lager beer' is the final product and ready to be bottled and canned.



bottled, capped and labelled through semi-and automatic bottling machines. The entire process has been checked by our inspectors and tested in the company laboratory to ensure the best quality