Oktoberfest in Vientiane, Laos

For the very first time – LBC (Lao Brewery Company) staged Oktoberfest in Vientiane for the Lao consumers

This year in Laos Oktoberfest was celebrated in the courtyard of the Lao National Cultural Hall during 19th-22nd October 2017.

Oktoberfest started in 1810 as a royal wedding celebration and becomes today the world’s largest beer festival organised every year in Germany. Lao Brewery Company is in the best position to introduce Oktoberfest to local consumers. Since its humble start in 1973, LBC has become a leading beverage company in Laos with the most beloved Lao brand, Beerlao, an award-winning lager beer that is enjoyed by millions of people in Laos and across the world in more than 23 countries.

The LBC version of “Oktoberfest” attracted more than 10,000 beer lovers, who enjoyed a variety of beer, e.g., Beerlao, Beerlao GOLD, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Somersby, Kronenbourg 1664, which LBC has been lining up to offer to Lao consumers. They were also lavished with different kinds of food, music and dance (the chicken dance - one of the fun traditions of the festivities!), as well as various fun games. As a special treat, consumers also got to bring home a limited edition Beerlao Oktoberfest mug.

The opening ceremony, held in the evening of October 19th, was live broadcast through Facebook Live, reaching more than 260,000 people in Laos. LBC also leveraged the event to engage some of our key stakeholders, e.g., local celebrities, representatives from local press agencies and key international organizations.