LBC Oktoberfest 2018

Lao Brewery Co., Ltd brought back the famous LBC Oktoberfest Beer Festival 2018, in conjunction with the world’s largest beer festival. .

This year in Laos, LBC Oktoberfest was celebrated in the courtyard of the Lao National Cultural Hall during 18th-21st October 2018, attracting more than 12,000 beer lovers over the 4 nights event

The LBC Oktoberfest was decorated beautifully with traditional European House style and good lightings, offering a great European like atmosphere in the evening. In addition, amongst other things, high quality German dishes like German sausages, delicious barbecue, pork knuckle, were also serve during the 4 days event by LBC’s restaurant partner

When it came to the beer choices, apart from most popular Beerlao draught and Carlsberg draught, and Somersby, this time LBC also served Beerlao White draught, the latest crafty line extension Beerlao. 

The party started with the famous band brought in from Germany, and continued with well-known local bands. The bands performed to the crowd’s excitement, followed fun and engaging games and lucky draws. As a special treat, consumers also got to bring home a limited edition Beerlao Oktoberfest mug