Lao Brewery sponsors nation outsanding students exams

Give students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge

The 2017-18 examinations were organized by the Secondary Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Sports with financial support from the government as well as local public and private enterprises. The objective of the exams was to give students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge, identify outstanding young people in each of the respective subjects, and encourage them to represent the nation in regional and international competitions.
The Grade 4 and 7 winners each received a gold medal and certificate from the Ministry of Education and Sports, plus five million kip. They will also have the opportunity to join a study tour to Japan. The Grade 7 exam winners have also been given special priority to request scholarships to study teaching in Vietnam or can pursue their studies in other fields domestically while Grade 4 winners can now study at Phonesavanh School in Vientiane.
Lao Brewery Co., Ltd sees human development through education as the most significant factor for social and economic development of the country by sponsors value at 113,720,000 kip.