Fun Land on Children Day

Recently Tigerhead water has organized Tigerhead Fun Land 2017 to celebrate international children day on 27th – 28th May.

In cooperation with Ministry of Education and Sport, Tigerhead has already organized the children day event for 8 consecutive years, and it has become the biggest and most anticipated family event for family in Laos. The objectives of the event are to associate Tigerhead with a development for children and at the same time to encourage framily to spend and share a quality time together.

The main activities in the event are series of contests from students in kindergarten and primary schools in traditional performance art, fashions with recycled packaging, and making art works with recycled bottles. This to inspire their creativity and imagination as well as their skill development.

There are also other fun activities in the event like a stage performance from artists, fun game booths, drawing and coloring corner, reading corner, playground and green exhibition corner to educate children on how important green environment is for lives. This year there are 10,000 people join the Tigerhead children day event. The event has received a good feedback from public due to its distinctive fun and exciting experience offered for participated families.


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