Chairman’s Circle of Champion Awards 2018

Congratulations of the special reward who attention, hardworking and nonstop to develop himself who is Mr. Santi Thongkham

Mr. Santi Thongkham went to United State on 30th September 2018 President’s Circle of Champions Awards on September 30, 2018 in New York, United States of America.

Santi is known to be a self-motivated person takes advantage of every opportunity to develop his skills and optimize his work processes. His extensive knowledge plays a key role in driving efficiencies and reducing costs at the plan. Santi led a project to modify the Returnable Glass Bottle line, removing bottlenecks from the process and increasing net efficiency by 6 percent.

Santi also conducted a deep study of the PET line and identified opportunities to decrease product loss. The resulting project to modernize and fully automate the line saved tremendous amounts of syrup and cut costs considerably. Furthermore, Santi served as the resident expert on electrical and automation issues during the installation of a new can filler, ensuring high standards for machinery and electrical safety. Santi’s expertise also has been indispensable on many important projects like the launch of a new product, Pepsi Black, and the launch of the sleek new can design.

Santi says “Firstly I have to say Thank you to Top managements to give my opportunity, in the future, I have my aims that success The KPIs as Breakdown, Malfunction, OEE, Energy, Electricity, to improve my Maintenance team to be expert, human is come first, because human manage machines, process good/no good upon people, I have to support them more when they give me issue.”