Beerlao Band Challenge Season 3

The talent show open for youth & teenagers who has best performance in musical and spent their time wisely.

In the first phase, 40 bands of contestants has shown their performance before the judges chose 12 bands to progress the final round.

The final round held on Saturday night, 21 July 2018 at LAO ITEC MALL, the remaining bands (final 12) competed against each other. X-ARMY was crowned the first winner Beerlao Band Challenge 2018 Season 3, they came after top five finalists. The winner received 50,000,000 Kip, YAMAHA Instrument 26,000,000 Kip from YAMAHA IMUSIC, and a record deal with Indee Record 1 year. For other top five bands: Kiloy, GTD, The Spark, Raw90, has received 10,000,000 Kip, and join our Beerlao Music Zone activities.

In this fantastic contest was sponsors by Lao Brewery for 150,000,000 Kip, to support youth & teens that offers the best platform for all inspiring bands to showcase their talent. And this challenge is also a chance for independent bands to get discovered.